Here are two distinct ways to search for a specific image in different sizes and in high quality

Have you ever found yourself in front of a beautiful image on the Internet, whether it is on websites, blogs or social networking sites, and you want to make it a background for your desktop or use it in your electronic project, but you discover after you download it that it is small in size or in poor accuracy, then here you can Experiment with one of the methods that we will review in this article on your presence on an annotated website to search for any image of different sizes and of very high quality.

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1 – Using Google Image Search

Google search engine provides a wonderful and very distinctive service, which is the search by image, which enables you to search for an image using an image to get search results with many different images from the image you searched, and you can also benefit from it to get images of different sizes from the image you searched and this What we need in this task.
And if you like this service, you can access it at any time through the link:
Google Photos
Then, you drag and drop the image of a small size or poor quality into a site with a Google search engine for images, or you can click on the camera icon and select the “Upload an image” option and then click on the “Choose File” button or choose a file and select a file By selecting the image, generally in both cases, you will see a variety of the same image, but with different sizes or even the same size, choose what suits you.


So, after you upload the image to the Google Image search engine, you will see that the search engine displays the original image size and below it you will find “Search for other sizes for this image” so that it shows you 3 options, including “large” and you can click on it to start displaying all similar images The image you uploaded is in high quality and with a large size.

2- Using TinEys

TinEys is the first competitor to Google to search for images by image, it is no different from it as after you upload the image it will display a group of images similar to the image you have uploaded.


To access this service, all you have to do is click on the following link:

Then you upload the image by pressing the arrow button pointing up and you select the image from your device, or you can drag and drop the image on the site and the most beautiful thing on this site is that it provides the ability to put the image link in case you download the image on your device, after uploading the image You select the “Biggest image” option from the “Sort by” drop-down menu, and the images will be immediately sorted into the largest and even the smallest.

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