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Here are 5 of the best Android apps to try this week [11/01/2019]

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We continue with you in the weekly article in which we review a bunch of recently launched applications on the Android Google Play Store, where in this article, as usual, we choose for you the most important and the most important, and we focus on the free applications for everyone to benefit from, and in the case of an old application in this article, the motivation is To put it here, is its benefit to you as an Android user, generally and as with the best Android apps of the past week [04/01/2019]The new applications for this week came as follows:

The first applications in this group, and everyone knows that there is no shortage of Internet browsing applications, as the majority depend on famous browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera, but there is a category of users who prefer to try new browsers because they are able to improve the browsing experience, one of these applications It is the Jio Browser, which has a light weight that does not exceed 4.8 MB, not to mention the tools that come with it, most notably incognito browsing, opening multiple tabs, great speed in opening pages, customization features, text and voice search features, and many more features that you will find in This browser.

Perhaps the best application in this group, and at the same time the most important application, where usually the user prefers an application, but is surprised that the application does not support the Arabic language, or in another example, a wonderful application that comes in a Chinese language that is not available in Arabic or even English, here comes the role of this most application It is great, as it translates the application interface completely and into the language you want, without the need for root powers or the need for the Internet.

This application, if your Android phone has a fingerprint sensor, you will benefit from it a lot, by unlocking your computer through the fingerprint of your Android phone, so you will first need the application client from the computer and you can download it from this LinkAfter that, you have to open the application and abide by the instructions that it indicates to you, as the application requires your account on Windows, and here do not worry, as the possibility of activation is very easy and simple, all you have to do is follow the instructions that it provides you with, or go to its page on the Google Play Store And knowing the activation steps, in turn, the application is available in two versions, the first is free and supports ads, and the second is paid through which you benefit from other advantages and remove ads.

This new application comes among the virtual reality applications “AR”, and through it the Android user can explore all ancient civilizations, and by the way, the application is developed by Lithodomos VR, the owner of many applications in this field, and the company indicated that it collected all its data in this application in order to be used From one place and without the need to move from one service to another, therefore, as we mentioned, the application is interested in traveling through history to explore the ancient real world, and it is available for download for free, provided that there are some items available for purchase.

The last app in this group, developed by the developers of the other app, Apex Launcher, is generally as the app’s name implies. It takes care of the weather, and features the usual weather stuff like real-time temperatures, forecasts (up to seven days), severe weather alerts, hourly forecasts, and more. The application also includes an elegant user interface as well as radar and more specific weather details such as UV index, humidity, air pressure and wind speed, very briefly offering you tools that have the weather in your area or global weather.


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