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Generally modifying fonts on all sites in the Edge Chromium browser – kzaplay

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After it was officially launched at the beginning of this year, Microsoft’s “Edge Chromium” browser has received many positive reviews from users due to the great renewal and development they have experienced from the old “Edge” versions, and it can be said that a good number of users have become dependent on The browser is one way or another to browse the Internet, even as a second browser alongside other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, and we have previously highlighted many features in the browser besides how to get it after its release, and in continuity of this matter we review today a new feature through which you can control the settings of fonts Writing in general on all sites through the Edge Chromium browser, which we will learn how to do through today’s article.

If you suffer when reading some articles or browsing some websites that use small fonts, you can adjust these settings in order to get a clearer and larger font, but also you can change the font type to another font of your choice, which will work in some cases where you use Some sites are somewhat annoying fonts and difficult to read, especially when reading long articles or texts.

You can do this quite easily through the main interface of the browser, by going to the “Settings” menu, then from the side menu, go to the “Appearance” option, where you can, through the “font size” option, modify the font size through several presets. You can choose any Including with the option “Medium” enabled by default through the browser.

If you want to change font types, you can do so by going to the “Customize Fonts” option, and through it you will find the ability to modify the font size in a more personalized way by dragging the “Font Size” indicator right to zoom in and left to zoom out, as well as through the “Minimum” option. font size” You can specify a minimum font size with the cursor provided that the font size does not exceed the previous cursor.

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You can also set a specific type of font as the default font in each group or family of fonts. For example, when a site selects a specific group of fonts on one of the site pages, you can replace that font with another type of your choice, but the matter depends on the site developers specifying a group From fonts and not a specific font, in this case you will not find any change in the look of the site no matter how you change those settings.

And you can change the default font in each group by pressing the arrow in front of the name of each group and choosing the type of font you want as the default font for that group and previewing the result through the experimental text written below the name of each group, but first make sure to save the names of the default fonts so that you can retrieve them if not You get a good result.

And if things get completely out of control, you can always return to the default state through the settings menu, then go to the “Reset Settings” option and then press the “Reset” option, and all settings will be immediately returned to their original values, including the default font settings.

It is worth noting that this feature will not work on all sites, as the design settings of some sites do not allow this. Like “Wikipedia” you will feel a big difference when you customize the font to suit your choice.

Also, in the event that the settings on a site do not work, you can resort to another solution in the browser by setting a percentage to increase or decrease by selecting a percentage in front of the “Zoom” option through the “Appearance” menu in the settings, and this percentage will be applied in general to all windows The browser, including the internal menus, as well as the sites that are browsed, is a great option that you can use if the trick to changing the font settings does not work with some sites to increase or decrease the font and content in general.


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