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Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox 360 is for everyone .s access to the game – kzaplay

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Since the announcement of the game Forza Horizon 2 by Microsoft, we learned that the latter is coming to both the Xbox One and the Xbox 360, the creative director of the game had a talk about this choice, stressing that it came without hesitation because the team aimed to provide something additional to players on the Xbox 360, given The number of debt is still on the platform, “it is a very encouraging number and motivates us to work greatly in order to provide a version that appeals to all fans of the series,” despite that, there are several features that this version is expected not to offer compared to the current generation version, most notably the weather system, to remember the Forza game Horizon 2 is coming next September on Xbox One and Xbox 360, Greetings.
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