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FortCraft v0.10.115 full version for Android latest update – kzaplay

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In the game Fortcraft for Android, you will have access to more than thirteen places in a total area of ​​16 million square meters, each with new adventures waiting for you. So explore different environments and collect everything you need for your survival. Find a variety of vehicles, wood, trees, buildings and anything you think you might need. You must use your wits against obstacles, for example, you must build a bridge to cross the river, or you need a ladder to move to higher places. Deal with crises and identify the circumstances in which you are. You can even take on one of 12 unique weapons in 5 different classes, or use special weapons like pistol, shotgun, revolver, sniper, grenade and launcher to destroy your enemies. Now there are 3 different modes available, each with a customizable interface, and you can change the size, position and transparency of the user interface to create convenient and efficient controls.
Own a shop, gallery and chat with friends
Game features:
Explore highly destructive environments
16 million square meters full map available
13 brand new environments to discover
12 unique weapons from 5 different classes
Kill enemies with special weapons: grenades, flamethrowers

Information about the game:
the Producing company :Cricket
Game name:Fortcraft
Game version:v0.10.115
Game size: 400MB

Pictures from the game:

Download the game:
Download the regular version (Press here)

Download the Obb file for the regular version (Press here)


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