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For these reasons, you will need to enable developer options on your Android phone – kzaplay

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What makes systems such as Windows and Android among the most popular operating systems is that each of them contains many hidden features and options, and this is what prompts users to go through new experiences and discover everything in it to achieve maximum benefit. Among these hidden options in the Android system is the Developer Options menu that It includes a number of useful options and as its name suggests is for the benefit of developers, but this does not prevent the average user from discovering, activating and experimenting with them. In this article, let me review with you 6 reasons that will push you to activate this option on your Android phone and take advantage of them.

– How to activate Developer Options

Before I start, I have to tell you how to access the developer options first in your Android phone. Sometimes this menu appears by default within the Settings, so go to the settings and scroll down. If you find a menu named Developer Options, enter it and activate it from the button at the top.

In modern phones, this menu is hidden, so it does not appear in Settings, and the way to show it is easy. After entering the settings, you go to “Settings”.About device – About device“Usually last option, then click about 7 clicks”Build number – Build numberUntil a message appears telling you that the developer option is available, if you go back to the settings, you will find it.

1- Knowing complete statistics about applications

One of the options in the Developer Option menu is Process stats – Process stats It is an option that gives you details about the use of RAM in your phone, and this can help you reduce the rate of RAM consumption, which helps to significantly improve the performance of the phone. Through Process stats, you can see the applications that consume the most RAM, but also detailed statistics such as the average application’s average memory usage as well. The maximum consumption rate of RAM recorded by the application, the period of time it takes while working in the background, the services it is running, and others.

Perhaps this information will not be useful to some extent as a simple user of the phone, but at least a tool will help you Process stats I need to know which apps are consuming the most RAM to delete them or make a Force Stop to prevent them from running in the background instead of deleting them.

2- Accelerate Navigation Effects

You may have read this subtitle before! This step often does not leave any topic that talks about speeding up Android phones. Indeed, the options within the Developer Options menu have a magical way that affects the speed of the phone. The options are “Windows animation scale”, which affects the movement that occurs within applications. And the option “Transition animation scale”, which is responsible for the mobility effects on the phone, such as those that occur when moving from one application to another on the phone.

By default, these options are set to a value of 1x, which is the norm in all phones, but if you want to feel that the transition inside the phone is fast, then you should reduce this value to 0.5x, the less you notice, the more you notice the effect of speed while roaming the phone.

3- Make the GPS fake

As we know, some sites or certain destinations can accurately monitor your geographical location through the GPS technology that is usually enabled in any smartphone, but if you are interested in maintaining privacy, then you can make your geographical location fake so that your geographical location is displayed in a different place other than the one You are currently in it. This can happen after you go to the developer options menu and then click on the “Allow mock locations” option to activate it, but to actually start making your location fake, you will need to install an app Fake GPS Location.

4- Turn off the apps you don’t use

Exiting an application through the back button or clicking on the Home button on the phone does not mean that the application has been stopped, but rather it will always run in the background to perform certain activities and consume phone resources. Force stop him. Of course, it will be difficult, but by activating the “Do not keep activities” option in the developer options, it makes doing this automatic, the phone will clean the activities of the applications that you no longer use, and this will somewhat improve the consumption rate in the phone.

5- Put an end to the processes running in the background

This is also one of the important options within the developer options menu in your Android phone and should free up a lot of the consumed amount of RAM in the phone to enhance performance and speed, through the “Limit background processes” option, you can specify the amount of processes that you allow It works in the background and eats up the RAM on your phone. For example, if you select “2 processes at most”, the phone will automatically prevent any application from using more than two processes at the same time in the background, which will reduce the consumption of phone resources.

6- Solve the problem of slow applications

Let me tell you that this option is not the ideal solution to the problem of slow applications, but it can be one of the solutions. If you notice slow movement within applications, the option “Force GPU rendering” will help you get rid of this slowness simply.

The reason for this slow applications sometimes is because the application does not take advantage of the dedicated graphics card in the phone to render 2D objects, and by enabling the option Force GPU Rendering will force any application to use the card to display 2D elements and this can help you to make your experience of the application smoother.


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