Firefox Mozilla Focus Safe Browsing Application for Android and iPhone

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you, dear followers of the Mashrouh website, with today twenty-six From the days of the holy month of Ramadan, may Allah accept all your good deeds, the makers of Firefox today introduce a new mobile web browser, which erases your browsing history, including your passwords and cookies.

The end result is a simplified browser that could load web pages more quickly, the company claims, since ads and other web trackers can crash pages and affect performance. 20/6/2017 About launching a browser Firefox Focus for the operating system Android As a free application in the Google Play Store, it was previously launched in November 2016 For smart phones iOS like iPhone and iPad .

Focus and automatically block web trackers that may track your browser activity and show you some annoying ads. This feature is also meant to help make websites load faster overall, while also using less data. Users can also quickly scan any passwords or files The cookie, along with browser history, for added privacy, can also set Firefox Focus to be the default browser for Android phones, something it can’t do with iOS phones.

Browser Advantages
1. Provides users with faster browsing
2. Tracking Protection
3. The ability to control users’ privacy by allowing them to block many different types of code that tracks them on the web
4. Easily clear your browsing history

In conclusion, my friend is a follower of an annotated website. There is no doubt that browsing the Internet on smart phones using a secure browser is a wonderful and useful thing, of course, and you can follow me on my personal page inFB You can also join the useful educational group Learn the computer and the Internet + solutions to computer problemsAnd see you in other useful posts.. Greetings to all of you.. Ramadan Kareem
Download Firefox Focus for AndroidDownload Firefox Focus for iOS

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