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Far Cry 4 would have taken place in South America or Russia – kzaplay

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Certainly, Far Cry 4 is considered one of the highly anticipated games due to the diversity of content it will offer in this part, one of the developers, and by answering one of the questions about how to choose the game world and why specifically the Himalayan region, the man confirmed that this was never It was not easy, in the first there were several possibilities, such as the events of the game taking place in South America as well as Russia, but in the latter, according to the talk of the same developer, the choice was made based on the ideas put forward, the latter needs a more open playing environment, and this is exactly what is available in the Himalayas, we point out Far Cry 4 is also coming, starting from the 18th, on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, in addition to the computer. Greetings.
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