Facebook launches the instant games feature for all users of the Facebook Messenger app

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you, dear followers of the Mashrouh website. The first social networking platform in the world, Facebook, always strives for excellence and creativity in its products, especially the Facebook Messenger application, through tools, continuous additions, and periodic updates in order to add more distinction and suspense to users of the application everywhere. , and get a more distinguished position among similar applications.

The Facebook platform announced yesterday Tuesday, May 2, 2017 About the launch of the instant games feature Instant Games For all users of the Messenger app Messenger Everywhere, the number of monthly users of the application is estimated at more than 1.2 billion people who use the application every month, and this new feature was launched for the first time in November last year 2016 With limited possibilities and games such as Pac-Man And the Galaga Now it has more than 50 A game on the Messenger platform, with more games being added almost every week, and this new feature was announced at a developer conference F8 Last month .


A game will also be available 8 Ball Pool Affiliate of Miniclip Very soon within the list of instant games, and the developers of these instant games hope that these games will be able to restore the luster to the mobile social games industry and provide an opportunity for greater breakthroughs in terms of usage numbers for these games on the Messenger platform and help increase the spread of the game and bypass the application stores, which allows developers to To create unique and advanced experiences, new instant games will be rolled out on the Messenger app over the next few weeks across the world to everyone who uses the platform. iOS and system Android Android.


In conclusion, my friend, a follower of an annotated site, you should always update your Messenger application in order to get these new features and games, and start playing and enjoying these wonderful games, and see you in other useful posts … Greetings to all of you.

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