Explanation of Workflow for iPhone

An explanation of the workflow application program for the iPhone and iPad iOS and its additions and features, and everything you want to know will be found in this post on the “Arab Phone” website during this tour, after the program became free and has many uses and was finally popular among all iPhone and iPad users.
Explanation of Workflow for iPhone

Workflow consists of distinct shortcuts for many of the tasks that the iPhone supports, and it accomplishes certain tasks such as saving videos from Twitter on the mobile phone or transferring it to the studio in a few steps.

Now with the Workflow application, you can complete the tasks you want with one click and in easy and simple steps that we will review for you, but after we learn about the uses of the application that you can benefit from.

The idea and features of the workflow application:

The idea of ​​the application depends on installing any add-on through it, which contains different codes that can be employed to perform specific tasks.
As for the features of the application, it is simple to use and can be accessed quickly, and here is a list of its best features:

  • The ability to download videos from Twitter or Instagram.
  • The ability to download a video from Facebook to the iPhone directly.
  • Convert videos to MP3 format.
  • Convert whatever you want: images, web pages, etc. into readable PDF format.
  • The ability to shorten links without using Google services.
  • Chat with a specific person via WhatsApp without registering their number.
  • gif making animations.
  • Workflow enables you to translate sentences and texts from any foreign language into Arabic.
  • It gives you space to download videos from the global video site YouTube for iPhone.

Explanation of workflow tools for iPhone:

1- Download a video from Twitter

One of the Workflow tools that works to save one or more videos from the official Twitter application, and one of the advantages of this tool is that it guarantees you the high quality of the video after saving it on the iPhone.

Explanation of Workflow for iPhone
The method of saving is by selecting the tweet, then pressing the share button, then choosing “Extra” from the bottom sharing menu and activating the Run Workflow option.
Finally, choose Done, then save the video from Twitter.

2- Shorten links

Workflow enables you to shorten any link you want without using Google.
Tools you will use: Link and run the tool in the program to shorten the link and then save it to Clipboard so you can paste it anywhere you want.

links shortcut

How to use: Copy the link and insert it into the program, then choose the Shorten URL tool, then the play tag, then you will get the short link.

3- Download a video from Instagram

Explanation of the workflow program for iPhone, one of its most important tools is a video download tool from Instagram by copying the link from the well-known photo application and then going to the program and running the tool.

Download video from Instagram

How to use: Click on the image to add a video downloader from Instagram, then open the application.
When you are on the video, select Copy Share URL and open the Workflow app.
Finally, choose the Instagram video saver, and then choose the play mark.
In the end, you will find the downloaded video, click on the share sign that you will find under the video and then Save Video.

Note: You can add the option to save to gallery so that you can save any video directly, by opening the tool and then pressing actions and search for save to photo album, drag the option and place it below.

4- Download a video from Facebook

Also, the WorkFlow application, one of its advantages, is that it works to download one or more videos from the global networking site Facebook.

Download a video from Facebook

How to save: Open Facebook and click on the video you want to share, then click on Copy Link.
In the end, choose the tool to cut the video and then the play mark.

5- Open a WhatsApp conversation without registering the number

Explanation of the workflow program for iPhone .. With the application, you can open a WhatsApp conversation without registering the number on your phone.
This feature enables you to talk to a person for once and you do not want to save their number in your contact list.

Open WhatsApp chat without registering the number

How to use: Open the Workflow application, then choose the Whatsapp number chat tool, and then choose the sign of the tool.
Enter number 1, then the number you want to chat and communicate with whomever you want through this application.

6- Translate any text from websites

Explanation of the workflow program for the iPhone to translate any text from the sites by receiving the text and not the link.
Now with Workflow, you can choose an English sentence or another language to translate.

Translate any text from websites

After you install the tool, click on Grant Access, then OK, and then choose the English word To and change it to Arabic.
As for the translation of texts, select the text, then click on Share, then Run Workflow, then Translate to Arabic.

7- Save and convert to PDF

Do you know that this application also enables you to create a PDF file?! Don’t be surprised, you can now with any image or link create a pdf file and save it.

Save and convert to PDF

Usage is by taking more than one screenshot and converting it to PDF format.
After converting the format, you can send it to any chat or via e-mail.
And through the application, you can copy any link and press to share the file.

Download Workflow for iPhone:

The new and wonderful Workflow application or program, is available for free for all iPhone and iPad devices, and you can get it directly from the official Apple Store:

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