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Explanation of the use of Internet Download Manager – kzaplay

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Internet Download Manager is one of the distinguished programs that enables you to download files from the Internet at high speed with the possibility of scheduling downloads and downloading files consecutively. Which are downloaded or whose download has been stopped on the main interface of the program, the program is distinguished from other programs in the speed of downloading files, where the speed depends mainly on the performance of the line from the Internet provider, but the program works on the maximum benefit from the available Internet speed and not increase the download speed Some sites are also common, and in this topic we will explain the most important characteristics of the Internet Manager program and how to benefit from using the program properly.

First of all, download the program from the official website from here 
The main interface of Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager
In the main interface, the program’s properties appear in the order in the image, such as the name of the files that are being downloaded, the location of the files being saved, the size of each file being downloaded, the status of the download, whether it has been downloaded or the remaining amount of the download. Download speed, and at the end you will find the download date.

In the list on the right side, the program shows the type of files to be downloaded, whether they are video files or compressed files, programs or documents, and others, and how to use the program will be explained in the next step.
Internet Download Manager

– When you have a link to download any file from the internet and you want to download it quickly, put the link inside the program via the add link icon, and in the address box put the link and press OK, you will be able to download the files quickly to your computer, and in the step Next, the program will ask for a place to save the files, specify the place and the program will work to download the files.
– In the event of a power outage or disconnection of the Internet for any reason during the download, you can resume the download process by selecting the files that are being downloaded and pressing the resume icon, and the program will download from where it stopped.


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