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Explanation of how to show hidden partition from hard disk

We often encounter problems after installing a new copy of Windows on the computer, which may make us suspect that the copy of Windows is corrupted or some files were lost during the installation process. The most important problem is that the total and natural space of the hard disk does not appear when the computer is opened or the partition that contains Important files or pre-existing partitions from appearing when entering the content of the hard disk and your files on the computer, so we will explain a way to restore the partition and its appearance again on the hard drive with its full contents, and when you try these simple steps you will be able to show any hidden partition from the hard in the future Without the need to go to the maintenance centers, and here is an explanation of the steps and pictures for each command that you must do in order to be able to show the partition again on the computer.

First, you must enter the RUN command from Windows, and this command is entered through the Start menu located in the lower bar of the Windows window, and if Windows 8 is used, it is accessed through the applications in Windows from the Start menu as well.

– After opening the run command on the computer, write Diskpart, then OK to start writing the commands that help us to find out the hidden hard drive and show it, then we write list disk to find out the connected hard and the total free and basic space of the hard drive.

– Enter the list volume command in order to be able to find out the number of existing partitions and the partition numbers, from which you will determine your hidden partition and its number.

– Type select volume 3, change number 3 with the hidden partition number from the computer, which appears on the screen as in the previous image, then press Enter.

Just type assign and then enter if you want to show the hidden partition, or type remove letter F if you want to hide the partition from the computer.

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