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Explanation of cutting video using vlc media player – kzaplay

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VLC Media Player is not only a tool for playing video and audio files on the computer, but the program has other uses that you should know about the program that provides a treasure of interesting uses, and that makes us dispense with many other programs in the field of video cutting and editing, because the program Able to cut certain parts of the video as well as convert many used formats, the program can also dust the size of the video according to your desire and make a video montage with simple tools, which help you to have a better experience in using the VLC media player program, and we will explain with you the most important unknown parts of the program For everyone, including how to cut the video and cut parts of it.

  vlc media player

Now we have to insert any video into the program through media, then open and add the video that you want to cut into parts, add the video to the program interface to be able to modify it and cut the video, you must add the rest of the tools to the program and thenEnter the View or View and put an option in front of advanced controls to be able to add the recording tool.

  vlc media player

Stand at the beginning of the required clip, click on the recording sign as shown in the image above, and after reaching the end of the clip, stop the recording and what you need now is to get the recorded video, enter Documents and then to the video and you will find the clips that you recorded.

Now with the good feature in the program, which is the ability to take a snapshot of the displayed video and save it on the computer in the form of an image, click on the tool next to the record button as shown in the image and you will find the images in Documents and then Pictures.

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