Explained is back again – Die with your anger, Hasaad, and thank you to the fair and loyal

Welcome to the followers and fans of Mashrouh in the episode “The Return and Meet Again” on the first and official channel of your favorite website, Mashrouh.

After a break of nearly a month on Channel One. Here I am coming back to meet you again in the circle of victory over the envious.He thanked the fair and loyal followers of the respected explained.

May Allah reward you with all the best for your loyalty, encouragement and constant prayers. And I say to the envious and to those whose hearts are boiled with hatred and envy.This disease is enough for you,And rectify yourselves in this blessed month, may God have mercy on you and purify your hearts…

For reference, links to the episodes I mentioned are directly below this video .

Link to the episode of the reasons for absence – link to the episode that the envy tried to delete

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