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Explain the program to convert a computer into a router Connectify – kzaplay

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Do you know what is the benefit of the Connectify program, which works to spread the Wi-Fi signal to other devices through your personal computer and laptop, the Connectify program can work as a hotspot through the computer and create a home wireless network. Through it, we will be able to create another Wi-Fi network by making the laptop work like a router, and full control over all network properties, including putting a name for the network and adding the password with your knowledge, in order to protect the network from entering it from intruders, the program works on networks The different internet is DSL or the networks that are provided by 3G and 4G mobile companies, so the importance of the tool is in order to create a local network without the need for a router.


How does the program work?Connectify on PC:-
– The program works as soon as it is installed on the computer and after the installation stage, the device must be restarted in order for the program to work properly, but the most important problem in the program is the presence of advertisements that exist with the trial version of it, so do not get bored of them, and after running the program, an interface will appear on On the right of the screen, the network settings appear, from which we will enter the name of the Internet and the password, as shown in the following image.


We choose the name of the network through Hotsopt Name, and we put the password, which you will specify, and in order for the network to work, you must press Restarting, and then the network will appear on the Wi-Fi lists on the mobile or laptop with the name that was specified, and you can now enter the Network and connect to the Internet with ease in the usual way known.

Connectify software version information
Software version: Connectify 2019 1.2.40048
Release date: May 2019
Developed by: Connectify
Program size: 16.0 MB
Program language: Supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows XP  -Windows 10- Windows7- Windows8
Software license: trial
Category : Computer Software 2019

Download the program to turn your computer into a WiFi networkConnectify  :-
Wireless network work programConnectify through the computer for free


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