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Explain the operation of video calls on WhatsApp Whatsapp Video Call – kzaplay

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WhatsApp is a free program that enables you to send and receive free calls, whether audio or video, and it is the latest features of the program. Through the program, you can also send pictures, texts, voice notes and manage business through the program by creating a group consisting of 200 members that you can communicate with At the same time, WhatsApp finally launched the video call service as a beta service, until it is officially approved, next to voice calls, and we will explain how to operate this feature on mobile phones that work like Android phones and iPhones so that you can easily operate it on the phone and try it.

Whatsapp Video Call

How video calls work on WhatsApp:
After running the WhatsApp program, and entering the contact registered within the phone and the application, and when making voice calls in the known way through the call sign, the free video calls provided by the application appear with it. You can use the front camera, which is the default when the call is started, and from the button Switch the camera You can switch to the back camera, or prevent the use of your camera. In order for the call to be made correctly, the call receiver must be present, and if it is not available, the program will display a notification that the call cannot be made.

Whatsapp Video Call

And you can download any version of the WhatsApp program, whether for Android phones or computers, through the official websitewhatsapp.com  One of the most important advantages of using the video service in WhatsApp calls is the ease of communicating better with friends, family, relatives, and managing your business, as the quality of video calls is strong from the WhatsApp program, so you will not find any problems during the call except in the case of The presence of problems in the network, whether it is Wi-Fi or your data package.


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