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Explain how to turn off the flash or partition with a secret number without programs – kzaplay

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We will explain how to close the USB flash drive, or your memory card with a secret number through the computer without any programs only using the available Windows tools through which you can close any media player that is running on the computer, and this step comes in order to maintain confidentiality Your data, information and private files that are saved on a flash drive or a memory card and that no one can view them, may work to sabotage them or delete the files in it, so we will try with you how to preserve the flash, and add a secret number to it easily without The need for programs only through some of the tools in the system tools, and this method has been tested before and will be brought back with you again so that those who want to preserve the contents of the flash with a password will be able to do this step with ease.

Turn off the flash or partition with a secret number

A full explanation of the method supported by pictures exclusively from a computer software site.
The first step, connect the flash drive to the computer, then right-click on the flash drive icon and choose Turn on BitLocker.

Turn off the flash or partition with a secret number

After entering BitLocker, a window will appear that downloads the settings, and you must wait until the settings are loaded, and then chooseUse password to protect the drive, i.e. using the password for this drive, as shown in the following pictures.
Turn off the flash or partition with a secret number
Put the password you want in the first box, confirm in the other box, then press NEXT to enter the next step, which is the step of saving a file to be able to recover the flash at any time as in the picture.

Turn off the flash or partition with a secret number

Choose the second option, which is Save to a file, and choose the folder on the computer, or save the file anywhere on the computer, then press save, and after saving the file on the computer, press NEXT to enter the next and last step.

Choose Start envrypting and wait for a while until the flash is configured through a download bar, and after completion you will find the flash has been put on it a password and does not open until after adding a password to the flash.
Do not remove the flash drive from the device when doing this step so as not to lose anything of it or affect it in the future, and it is preferable to work Pause or pause temporarily in case of need to remove the flash from the computer.
After you have finished adding the password to the flash drive, remove the flash drive from the computer and you will find a lock button has been placed on it. When you open it, you can add the password to be able to view the content of the flash and a box will appear to add the new password to the flash.

And in order to remove the password, you can right-click on the flash drive and choose manage BitLocker, then enter the flash drive and choose BitLocker Off, and wait until the download is completed as in the previous step, and you will find the flash works without any password again, and you can apply This step is taken on any part of the computer, and it will be locked with a secret number as well.


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