Explain how to permanently delete a Facebook account from the phone

Today, in “Arab Phone”, we present to you the way to permanently delete your personal account on the world’s most famous social networking site “Facebook” and without returning, and therefore after many questions on search sites regarding this matter, especially at a time when many see that social networking sites It has become a waste of time, or maybe some people want to get out of the virtual world we live in on social networking sites with no return.

Since Facebook was launched in February of 2004, it has enjoyed immense popularity that made it occupy the first place among all communication sites, especially in the Arab world.

Sometimes, some people want to get out of Facebook and cancel their account on the site, but they do not find the ideal way to do so. During this report, we will present to you in “ArabPhone” that method through the following lines:

In the beginning, there are several other ways other than permanently canceling the account, in the event that you want to return to Facebook at any time, including changing your name as well as temporarily disabling the account, these steps will be appropriate in case you want to take a short break from Follow your account on Facebook.

How to delete a Facebook account using a PC or laptop:

  • If you have made a final decision to permanently close the account, then you should do the following:
    First, you have to go to the following address from here If you are using a “PC or laptop”, after entering the link, a text box will appear asking you if you want to permanently delete the account, click Yes in case you want to leave Facebook without returning.

How to delete a Facebook account from the Facebook application on the phone:

Deleting your account from Facebook using the site’s application on your mobile device and your personal phone may seem more difficult than doing so on a laptop or PC, but in any case, the “Arab Phone” website provides you with a detailed explanation with pictures of how to delete a Facebook account through your phone profile.
  • At first, go to the settings menu at the bottom of the application and choose Help And Support as follows
  • The second step will be by choosing Help Center or Help Center from the Help and support menu as follows
  • Through the search bar that appears in the following image and from within the Help Center, type “delete my account” or delete my account
Explain how to delete your account on Facebook
  • After this step, Facebook will ask you to put your password, and once it is set and click on delete account, Facebook will permanently delete your account from the site

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