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Explain how to make a WiFi network from a laptop without WiFi software – kzaplay

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Explain how to create a wireless network from the computer

You can now create an internal Wi-Fi network by broadcasting the Wi-Fi signal to remote places that the Wi-Fi signal does not reach, where you can through your laptop or personal computer, if a wireless card is available, to rebroadcast your Wi-Fi signal with ease of control Again, by creating a secret number and setting your network name, and all this without the need to install any programs on the computer. You only need to install Windows 10 on the computer and through the system tools you can create an internal network from the laptop and control In the settings completely, and this is what we will apply in this explanation in order to take advantage in general of the possibilities available on the computer and take advantage of the Internet connection to farther places within the home range.

WiFi network work

Explanation of the steps of how to create a wireless network from the router:-
– Through the Wi-Fi sign that appears in the taskbar of the Windows window at the bottom, you can click on it and you will initially find three options at the bottom, the first option is WI-FI, and everyone knows that it contains connected and available Wi-Fi networks, and Through which you can connect to the Internet by connecting to any existing network.

wifi network

– The second option is Airplanemode, which is responsible for turning off the Internet and Wi-Fi networks in general, and all we need is the third option in order to create our own network.

– The third option Mobile Hotspot Activate this mode. In its window, you will find the number of connected devices and the name of the network. We click with the right mouse button on its icon and choose Go to Settings, as in the following image.

– After pressingGo to Settings You will find the settings for the Mobile Hotspot, through which we will adjust the settings, click on Edit in order to modify the default settings as in the following image.
wifi network

Now we will adjust the settings for the wireless network that we will create through the laptop, and you can adjust the settings as follows,
wifi network

– The following settings put the network name in the Network Name field and choose any name you want, and through Network password add the password for the network and it must consist of 8 numbers or letters, and Network band K is to specify the range of the Wi-Fi network and It is tested according to the extent you want.


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