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Explain cleaning the computer with Avira System Speedup – kzaplay

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Avira Speed ​​Up is one of the distinct programs that help you clean the hard disk of junk files, fix registry errors, delete invalid keys, track activities on the computer, and most importantly defragment drives and help the user when faced with The operating system is slow in solving problems that cause a slow computer to work, and the program works to solve the problem of error messages that follow crashing applications or the operating system freezing.

Avira System Speedup

The program helps many users to face a wide range of stability and performance threats that threaten the continuity of the performance of the computer and work on organizing computer and system files, developing computer performance and removing damaged files from system files, and thus we find an improvement in the work of the computer, and among the operations The cleaning performed by the program is to remove harmful files, delete log files, maintain privacy, reduce manipulation that may occur when you connect to the Internet, defragment files, find duplicate files and work to remove them from the computer to save space on the hard disk.

How Avira System Speedup works on the computer:
Download the program to your computer through the link in the topic.
– Click on Scan to start scanning the system files and working on improving these files, whether by deleting the damaged files or repairing the registry files as in the following picture.

Avira System Speedup

After pressing Optimize, the program will clean files and speed up your computer.

The program works on all versions of Windows, including Windows 7, 10, 8.1, and it is a free program and supports many languages, including English, French and Spanish.

Avira Free System SpeedUp program analyzes disks, performs the process of backing up files and restoring the registry, files and folders. The files can be encrypted, decrypted, unregistered or backup, and the program can analyze hard disk errors.

The program is an actual solution in cleaning your computer, removing your browsing traces by removing browsing records of Internet pages and thus providing and maintaining a great deal of privacy. Avira System Speedup removes unwanted files, cookies and enhances the stability of The computer in general and the program contains Battery Booster that helps optimize the Windows power system, and it also adjusts the CPU frequency automatically according to the requirements of the running tasks.

Program version informationAvira System Speedup
Software version: Avira Free System SpeedUp
Release date: February 2019
Developed by: Avira GmbH
Program size: 46 MB
Software license: Free
Category: computer software, computer software 2019

Download computer cleaning softwareAvira System Speedupfree from here

Avira System Speedup to organize and speed up your computer


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