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Download Wise Folder Hider 4.3 – kzaplay

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Download Wes Folder Header to hide files and photos
Wise Folder Hider is an important and necessary program to hide all your files, whether they are photos, videos, audios or personal data from your computer and prevent anyone from accessing them, which preserves your privacy and personal information. You can put a password on the file that is important to you and hide it from prying eyes and do not Anyone can read or modify the file other than you, many individuals who worked in institutions and large companies face a problem in preserving their privacy and personal data, but with the use of the Wes Folder Header program, the problem has been solved as it allows them to prevent anyone from accessing their personal information, you can put a lock Double on the files that are most important to you, if you want to modify a file that has been hidden, you only have to click one on the hidden file, and it will be shown to you at high speed. When the modification is completed on the file, you can close the program and then return the hidden file to its place after modification. The program is easy to use and has Distinctive interface.

a programWes Folder HeaderCompatible with all Windows operating systems and easy to use to maintain the privacy of your files and confidential data, the program is free and you can download it easily and take advantage of all its capabilities. Passwords, the program has been updated, improvements to the program interface graphics are added, the support center site problem is fixed, the problem of writing in the password writing box for files is fixed to hide files with a secret number, and supports the ability not to hide some files in the latest update, with minor improvements in the user interface of the program and the update of various translations .

Wise Folder Hider
Information about the version of Wise Folder Hider for PC
Software version: Wise Folder Hider4.3.9 Build 199
Release date: April2021
Developed by: WiseCleaner
Program size: 2.04 MB
Program language: Supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows XP  -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software license: Free
Categories: Computer Software, Computer Software 2021

Download Wise Folder Hider for free from here

Wise Folder Hider, Download Wise Folder Hider, Latest Version


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