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Download WinRAR File Compressor for PC – kzaplay

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Download WinRAR to decompress compressed files for your computer, latest version

WinRar is one of the basic programs for any computer and I do not care about it, as it compresses files in addition to decompressing compressed files. Many computer users prefer to use compressed files to reduce file size and ease of uploading or downloading from the Internet, in addition to protecting compressed files with strong passwords that are difficult to penetrate, There are many programs that deal with compressed files, but WinRAR remains the best choice for many computer users because of its huge capabilities and ease in dealing with compressed files. The program interface is distinctive and includes all the tools necessary to compress files and is suitable for all computer users, whether professionals or beginners in Dealing with the computer.


You can compress a lot of files into one compressed file in rar format and protect it by placing strong passwords on it. The program supports many international languages ​​such as English, French and German in addition to supporting the Arabic language. The program supports many versions of Windows, which helped spread it all over the world, The program helps you smoothly deal with compressed files, whether by compressing, decoding or deleting files. The program is characterized by archiving compressed files and displaying them in a distinctive way through lists and columns that include the file name, size and location on the computer.

The program supports a lot of compressed file formats such as LZH, ZIP, LZH, RAR, ACE and others.

WinRAR Features:
 1. Compress and decompress compressed files andSupport many compressed file formats.
2. Protect your compressed files with strong passwords.
3. It is easy to use, suitable for everyone, and supports many international languages.
4. Display compressed files in lists and columns

Program version informationWinRAR latest version
Software version: WinRAR 6.02 â€“ Final
Release date: June2021
Developed by: RARLab
Program size: 2.8 MB
Program language: supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows XP  -Windows Vista- Windows7-8-10
Software license: beta


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