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Download WinPDFEditor, a program to edit and modify PDF files – kzaplay

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Download Win PDF Editor to edit pdf files latest version
WinPDFEditor is one of the distinguished programs for editing and modifying PDF files, and it is a strong competitor to the famous program Adobe Reader. You can add texts inside PDF files, insert images and remove unwanted content. You can put lines under important words and highlight useful sentences within PDF pages. F, you can write text inside a PDF file with full control over changing the font size, type and color, you can insert images into the PDF file with full control over the size of the images and their places of appearance, you can rotate the file pages at an angle of 90, 180 or 270 degrees, you can put marks Watermarks on the pages of PDF files to protect important files and preserve property rights. You can use drawing tools to make a square or lines and write texts inside and shade them. You can convert PDF file formats to Word file formats, images, flash, text files, etc., you can delete pages, texts and words Unwanted files from a file and save changes and modifications to the original file easilyWinPDFEditor is unique and does not consume processor resources and is one of the best PDF editing programs .


The most prominent features of WinPDFEditor are:
1. The ability to add texts and modify pdf files.
2. The possibility of deleting some sentences, words and texts within the pdf files.
3. The ability to rotate PDF files at different angles.
4. Support for adding images, as well as a signature image within the file.
5. Supporting the feature of marking important sentences and texts within the file.

Program version informationWinPDFEditor computer
Software version: WinPDFEditor
Release date: October 2017
Developer: WinPDFEditor
Program size: 15.0 MB
Program language: Supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows XP  -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software license: Free
Categories: PDF files open and play program, computer programs, computer programs 2018
Download WinPDFEditor to make modifications to pdf files – Ù…Ù† هنا :-
WinPDFEditor helps you convert PDF files to Word files


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