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Download Winmend Auto Shutdown Program – kzaplay

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DownloadWinMend Auto Shutdown Free for PC
Auto Shutdown is one of the most powerful and most important programs that help you automatically shutdown your computer without pressing the Reset button and then pressing Shutdown. By adjusting the program settings, you can also specify a fixed time at which the computer shuts down every day, and one of the features of the program is to save time while downloading files from the Internet of large sizes, as you can leave the computer running while downloading files and set the Auto Shutdown program to close after the download time Almost, the program also allows users to cancel or suspend the shutdown process with just one click.
Winmend Auto Shutdown

From the main program interface, you can set the device’s status and method of locking, and set the time for the device to automatically shutdown and set the time in minutes and hours, and you can change the color of the program interface by choosing between available colors such as blue and green, and the program is a practical solution to closing the device The computer at times when you are not using the computer, or when you download certain files and leave the computer open, the program can be set and Shutdown works automatically, the program is free and does not require capabilities to work on the computer, it works on all versions of Windows without problems.

Information about Winmend Auto Shutdown
Software version: WinMend Auto Shutdown
Release year: November 2015
Developed by: WinMend.com
Program size: 2.13 MB
Program language: supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows XP  -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software license: Free
Categories : System Utility Software, Computer Software, Computer Software 2016,

Download Winmend Auto Shutdown for PC
Winmend Auto Shutdown program for free,


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