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Download the program to speed up the performance of the computer
a programWhySoSlow One of the important programs that work to discover the causes of slow computer, many reasons work slow computer such as high temperature of the CPU and the large number of folders and files on the desktop and others, many people, especially beginners, when the computer slows down they go to Google and look for ways Increasing the speed of the computer and applying it often does not give the desired result, so the programWhySoSlowIt is the solution where it determines the exact cause of the slow device. All you have to do is solve the problem. The program gives a detailed report on the state of the operating system and its performance. The program also analyzes all the factors that lead to a slow computer.

WhySoSlow 2016

The program monitors the temperature and speed of the processor and gives the necessary information about memory usage, disk fragmentation, response and compatibility for devices connected to the computer. Increasing the speed of the computer, the program gives you an alarm when the temperature of the processor reaches the maximum degree that it can handle or when the processor works for a very long time that may cause damage to it, the program works on using the minimum amount of processor resources.

WhySoSlow 2017

WhySoSlow Features:

1- Monitor CPU temperature and scan the entire system
2- Display the CPU speed and check it to find out why the device is slow in case it drops.
3- A trial version and expires at the end of January 2016.

Program version informationWhySoSlow flicker
Software version: WhySoSlow 2016
Release date: December 2015
Developed by: Resplendence
The program’s official website
Program size: 1.7 MB
Program language: Supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows XP  -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software license: Freeware
Categories: Computer Software, Computer Software 2016, Computer Accelerator Programs

DownloadWhySoSlow flicker
Download the program DownloadWhySoSlow to find out why the device is slow– from here

WhySoSlow Free Download, Free WhySoSlow Computer Accelerator


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