Download WhatsApp for BlackBerry phones for free, the latest version of WhatsApp Messenger BB 2.11.662

WhatsApp Messenger WhatsApp Messenger is an instant chat program for BlackBerry phones and other smartphones. You can use WhatsApp to exchange messages, photos, audio and video notes with your friends, and the program works with your contacts directly, as it automatically shows you who have WhatsApp on their devices. To allow you to communicate with them at any time via the Internet and send free messages without limits, WhatsApp is free without any cost, the use of WhatsApp is free during the first year (later there is an annual fee of $0.99).
Features of WhatsApp Messenger for BlackBerry phones:
* Settings to control privacy: You can now hide your last seen, profile picture and status.
* Voice message feature: WhatsApp users can now exchange voice messages by pressing to talk and dropping to send voice messages instantly.
* Group message lists feature: As for the group message list, it is a list of specific contacts that are saved in WhatsApp to enable you to send group messages to the same group without re-selecting the same contacts every time you want to message them.
* Enlarge chat images: It is possible to see and browse the images shared on the chat screens more clearly.
* No hidden costs: Once you and your friends download the app, you can use it to chat as many times as you want. WhatsApp uses the same internet connection you use on your phone, i.e. EDGE, 3G or Wi-Fi (if available).
* Enjoy the ability to exchange multimedia with your friends from video, photos and voice notes.
* Enjoy group chats with contacts on your phone.
* Enjoy the ability to customize the application, so you can add a personal picture that appears to whomever you want.
* Say goodbye to international fees when messaging your friends and family abroad through WhatsApp.
* Say goodbye to PINs and usernames, they are not needed in WhatsApp.
* No need to add friends anymore, the application automatically adds the contacts available on your phone and shows in your favorites who of your friends uses WhatsApp.
* Do not be afraid of your messages if you are not connected: they are saved even if your phone is turned off, and you can review them when you return to using the application.
* And there’s more and more: WhatsApp gives you the opportunity to block certain contacts, change your phone number, view your location on the map, exchange contacts, customize wallpapers and notification sounds, and shows you exactly when messages have arrived.
Download WhatsApp for BlackBerry phones for free, the latest version of WhatsApp Messenger BB 2.11.662
Compatible with:
All BlackBerry devices require a system 5.0.0 and higher versions, or for tablets, 2.0.0 and higher versions
the size:
 the Producing company :
WhatsApp Inc.
Download from the BlackBerry Store:

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