Download VoiceCam to take selfies with your voice without touching the iPhone

Selfie photo taking applications are many and different, these applications add some features, effects, and filters that the default official application on Android does not provide in order to improve photos and make them clearer and more aesthetic as we talked in a previous topic about the best camera and selfie applications on Android, and provides some Applications also have features that help you take selfies in easier ways without even touching the phone.
Download VoiceCam to take selfies with your voice without touching the iPhone
The VoiceCam application for iOS users works on the iPhone or iPad, which enables you to place your device in front of you to say the word “action” audibly so that the application will take a selfie for you automatically.
Download VoiceCam, the best app for taking selfies on iPhone
After launching the VoiceCam application, put your phone in any suitable place, and the magic word for controlling the phone remotely is “Action.” Once you say this word, the application will automatically take a selfie for you. This feature provided by the VoiceCam application will help you to take selfies with ease. Without touching your phone or using a selfie stick, or sometimes you don’t have to say to someone “please take a picture for me” so all you need is your voice and the VoiceCam app.

Download the VoiceCam app for iPhone and iPad:

You can download the VoiceCam application by going to its page from the following link, and it supports iOS 10 and later.

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