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Download TrustViewer PC Remote Control Software – kzaplay

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Download TrustViewer to easily control your computer remotely
TrustViewer is completely free and allows you to quickly access and control your computer remotely. You can copy and transfer important files, as well as the ability to make video and voice calls in high definition and quality between different computers. You can transfer files and data from your home computer to your work computer while you are at work. Connecting via the Internet, the program is easy to use and does not require installation or registration, as it is secure and virus-free, the program is automatically updated to achieve maximum effectiveness and safety as the program supports businessmen and business owners to guide employees with the required work by controlling their devices remotely as well as the possibility of providing assistance For friends and relatives remotely using the Internet.

Among the most prominent features of the program:
1. Remote control of computers connected to the Internet.
2. Exchange, transfer, delete and copy files, or make a voice call or video calls.
3. No installation or registration required.
4. It works on all versions of Windows 32/64 bit.
5. Provides secure communication between computers via SSL/TLS encryption protocols.
6. The program is easy to use, simple and secure.
7. The program allows the exchange of files with other users, which is an option that can be useful for the technical support team that works in Shift, for example.
8. The program is updated periodically and automatically.
Information about the version of TrustViewer for PC
Software version: TrustViewer 2.0 Build 3014
Release date: June 2019
Developed by: TrustViewer
Program size: 1.73 MB
Category: System Utilities Software, Computer Software 2019

Download TrustViewer Remote control of devices from here :-

TrustViewer helps you connect devices to each other remotely


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