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Download the wireless network watcher 2 – kzaplay

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Download the program to monitor wireless networks and know the number of users of the network for free for the computer
The wireless network watcher program is considered one of the best Wi-Fi monitoring programs, as many programs have spread that allow the use of the Wi-Fi network without the knowledge of the network owner, which reduces the speed of the Internet, so the program works to detect everyone who is connected to your Wi-Fi network without taking your permission and knowing The extent of the speed used, the program is characterized by its simple interface and ease of use, and it works quickly to give you all the information about the devices connected to the Wi-Fi network in terms of the name of the device, IP and others, and to know all the computers and mobiles connected with you on the network.

Through the Wireless Network Watcher program, you can protect your privacy and protect your wireless network by setting a strong password that is difficult to crack. When you notice that there are some devices connected to the network, you can easily change the password again. The program is light and does not consume processor resources and is compatible with all versions and operation of Windows, you can download and install the program on your device to see all the devices connected to your wireless network

wireless network watcher 2

The program is distinguished in displaying the latest devices connected to the router directly, so that it displays the last connected device and the time consumed on the network, as well as displaying the quality of the connected mobile device or computer and its manufacturing place, the program does not need much time to work on detecting devices connected to the Internet Through your network, but it does all these operations in a record time that does not exceed seconds.

Wireless Network Watcher software version information
Software version: Wireless Network Watcher 2
Release date: August 2016
Developed by: Nir Sofer
Program size: 316 KB
Program language: supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows XP  -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software license: Free
Categories: computer software, computer software 2016

Download Wireless Network Watcher for PC
Download free WiFi network monitoring software for PC from here

Wireless Network Watcher program helps you to know the number of people connected to the Wi-Fi network


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