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Download the program to improve the performance and efficiency of the computer SlimComputer for free

Download SlimComputer to remove add-ons from Internet browsers for free
The SlimComputer program works to improve the performance of the computer and Windows by removing unwanted programs and add-ons that cause inconvenience while using the computer. The program also cleans the registry and performs a full check on all registry files, the possibility of modifying them with ease. The program also works on the automatic update of Windows and also controls the implementation of updates for Windows and the system. SlimComputer is a free program that helps you to obtain information about the parts of your computer.


The idea of ​​the program depends on if you buy a new computer, and there are some experimental programs on it that you cannot delete, the SlimComputer program works to delete them from the computer and return to the normal settings, as well as delete tools that lead to slow browsing of Internet sites such as toolbar and stop Services that you do not need when using a computer.

Program version informationSlimComputer for PC
Software version: SlimComputer 1.3
Release date: 2013
Developed by: Slimware Utilities
Program size: 890 KB
Program language: Supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows XP – Windows Vista – Windows7 – Windows8
Software license: Free
Categories: System Utility Software, Computer Software, Computer Software 2014,

Program downloadImprove computer performance and efficiency for free for PC
Download the system cleaning program SlimComputer for free from here

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