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Download the program to capture the screen and make explanations Ashampoo Snap 12 – kzaplay

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Ashampoo Snap, a high-quality video screen capture program and explanations
It is considered a programAshampoo Snap 10 FromThe best and easiest way to photograph anything on the computer screen, sound and image, whatever it is and in any way that has high capabilities for imaging, but you can editAnd send photos even by e-mail, and it is considered the easiest program in addition to its high ability, which is supported by the experience of those who made this program, a program that is more than wonderful in taking pictures from your device.And also the work of professional explanations on a program from the giant and leading company in the field of programs Ashampoo with the capabilities of modifying images in a supernatural supportive of the Arabic language in addition toOther capabilities and features, the program helps you create a video of the explanations and control the program settings during screen shooting. It also featuresIt has a simple and easy to use interface and does not consume a lot of system resources.
Ashampoo Snap 9

The Ashampoo Snap program is characterized by the ability to make a screenshot of 4K video clips, make a specific timing for making snapshots and screenshots, and add external effects to easily edit and manipulate those images, add texts and shares, and the ability to exchange images with family and friends on social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter, and the possibility of recording a high-resolution video with a camera. Web, microphone, and video editing with ease.

 Program Features Ashampoo Snap 12
• Video shooting with high quality codecs
• Provides two video modes for program samples and movies
• On-the-fly video encoding – no waiting
• A new creative interface that is even easy to use
• Accurate multi-page printing of motion pictures
• Automatic file naming functions when taking snapshots
• Revolutionary color fill editing tools
• Editor function, where you can now open and edit other files
• Get great results in seconds
Print multiple files at once
Capture video with a standard camera or webcam
Ashampoo Snap Version Information
Software version: Ashampoo Snap12.0.5
Release date: July2021
Developer: Ashampoo
Program official website:Ashampoo.com
Program size: 116 MB
Program language: Supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows XP  -Windows 10- Windows7- Windows8
Software license: Trial
Categories: computer software 2021, screen recording software, video

Download a screen capture program and make explanations for the computerFree :-
Download free Ashampoo Snap screen capture software, image and video annotations


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