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Computer programs

Download the new Internet browser Download Chedot browser – kzaplay

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Download the new Shedot browser to browse the Internet easily
The new Chedot browser is a fast browser designed somewhat similar to Google Chrome. It has all the features as well, where you can browse more than one page at a time and easily navigate between web pages, and create a list of the most important sites you visit and favorite sites and Enjoy a clear line while browsing various Internet sites, the program can also download files via torrent and audio files of various types and perform an immediate check on the Internet through the program and fast while browsing the Internet, it is 8 times faster than other browsers when downloading files from the Internet and the program provides Security while browsing the Internet, preventing viruses from entering the computer and dealing with malicious and mined pages. Chedot browser saves Internet browsing records and you can control and remove them, and also save passwords and e-mail on different sites. The program also features With many characteristics, it is based on chromium in its design and contains a powerful search engine on the main interface of the program that helps you to reach the required sites quickly, and display the Gat heat, foreign currencies and the latest urgent and important news, the program contains the most famous sites in the program’s simple interface, and you can browse and navigate between its pages with ease.
Chedot browser
Program version information Chedot browser
Software version: Chedot 51.0.2704.532
Release date: 2016
Program size: 60MB
Program language: Supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows XP  -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software license: Free
For classification: computer programs, computer programs 2015, Internet browser programs

Internet browser software downloadChedot browser free for PC

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