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Vortex The Gateway 

Vortex The Gateway is developed and published by StormCube Games. It is released on 6th October 2015. You may also like to download State of Decay Year One Survival Edition.

Vortex The Gateway Free Download

Vortex The Gateway is an open world survival game and you have to survive the horrific environment. This game starts as you are being entered into an alien planet due to a strange Dimension Vortex. You will be exploring and fighting to survive the harsh and climaty stricken environment. There will be hunger and thirst to fight with. Also you will see some amazing graphics in this game and their depth will give you the chills which they are meant for. Explore the amazing world given in this game and then be alert, sneak, fight and build for the survival. The dangers will come in the different time of the day and in different conditions. You will be a prey for the local species at all times. Also when you are having this adventure the Earth is changing drastically. The Information about these changes will come to you in pieces. This game is developed in the Unity 5 Engine. All in all this game is very enjoying and horrifying game. You can also download The Walking Dead Survival Instinct 2013.

Vortex The Gateway Setup Download For Free

Vortex The Gateway Features

Features of Vortex The Gateway
Following are the main features of Vortex: The Gateway that you will be able to experience after the first install on your Operating System.

A very huge and diverse environment is made.
It is full of alien species and horrifying predators.
Survive the harsh and difficult conditions.
There is a dynamic day-night cycle.
Build shelters, stores and fences for your defense.
Collect food and water.
Amazing music and sound technology.

Game Requirements
Operating System: Tested on Windows 7 64 Bit
CPU: Intel Core i3 or higher
Hard Disk Space: 3 GB
The game size is 1.58 GB
To download the game

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