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Assassins Creed Chronicles India 

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles India is the 2nd game in the three part series of video games in Assassin’s Creed franchise. This game has been developed by Climax Studios and is published under the banner of Ubisoft. This 2nd part of the Assassins Creed Chronicle series is released on 12th January. 2016. You can also download Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China.

Assassins Creed Chronicles India Free Download

Assassins Creed Chronicles India PC Game has been set in India in the year 1841 and features a new protagonist named Arbaaz Mir (A Kashmiri Assassin). This game also follows the side scrolling templates of Chronicles China. The game has got stealth mission at the earlier stages. In this game the Sikh Empire is at war with East India Company. A master Templar has got a mysterious item that belongs to Assassin Order and Arbaaz Mir has to take it back. Alongside this he also needs to protect his friend as well as his love. The weaponry introduced in this game is the ones which was in use in the Mughal Era like Mughal Sword, Chakram( A throwing weapon from India), Smoke bombs and Slingshot with rock pellets. The locations in this game are mind blowing, the landscapes and splashes of henna inspired patterns will surely amaze you. You can also download Assassins Creed Rogue.

Assassins Creed Chronicles India Setup Free Download

Features of Assassins Creed Chronicles India
Following are the main features of Assassins Creed Chronicles India that you will be able to experience after the first install on your Operating System.

2nd game of the Chronicles series.
Set in India in the year 1841.
New protagonist Arbaaz Mir introduced.
Got stealth mission at earlier stages.
Need to bring back the mysterious item.
Need to protect your friend and love.
A variety of weaponry like Mughal sowrd and Chakram inroduced.
Mind blowing locations.

Game Requirements
Operating System: Tested on Windows 7 64 Bit
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or later.
Hard Disk Space: 5 GB
game size 3.30 – 1.20 GB 
To download the game 

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1.20 GB 

To download the game 


3.30 GB 

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