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Download the best light games for PC 2013 (more than 50 games) – kzaplay

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Best light games for pc Light games are games with small and free spaces that you can download and play on your device, even if you have a high internet speed and you can download games with large areas, but these games are still the best and most downloaded because of their simplicity and the fun you enjoy. But everyone wants to download the best, most popular and most downloaded games, so through this topic we will present the best and most popular free light games with small areas to download with a direct and fast link, and I advise you to try them all. Continue after the break.

A topic that interests you >> New light games for PC that you must try [+30 لعبة]

Light games until this moment are a competitor to large-sized games, there are already games with an area of ​​1 GB, 10 GB and more, and perhaps the owners of high speeds are the ones who download them, but small-sized games also have a place on all devices, so there is no one who does not always want to download games Light, entertaining, fun, and that eliminates boredom. Therefore, in the coming lines, we will review a very large group, with quick direct links, small sizes, more than 50 light games that you can download and enjoy for free on your device.

Important subject : 5 free online games you must try

1 – Mario game New Super Mario Forever 2012

The famous Super Mario game, well known and certainly the most famous in all its parts. This version of the game is free and wonderful from the Softendo website. Indeed, the game is very popular and is perhaps the most famous of the well-known games. ( Download the game )

2 – Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is a wonderful Arab game, through this game you will enter the world of questions and answers. And certainly the game is a simulation of the famous and well-known program Who will win the million, and the questions of the game are graded from the easiest to the most difficult. ( Download the game )

3 – Win your weight in gold game

The game Win your weight in gold is a game of competitions where you answer a set of questions and the profit is gold so that you determine your weight at the beginning and you answer a set of questions and each question you win from it a measure of gold until you reach the profit of your weight in gold. Fantastic game. ( Download the game )

4 – Liquid Shark Attack

لعبة Shark Attack It is a light and small game, Shark Attack is a very fun and completely free game that you can listen to on your device. (Size: 11 MB) ( Download the game )

5 – Game Star Racing

لعبة Star Racing It is the race between stars and planets, as it is one of the fun and wonderful car racing games. It is also completely free. ( Download the game )

6 – لعبة Crazy Penguin Party

Crazy Penguin Party is a cute and compact game. (Game size: 5 MB) Download the game )

7 – Game Dinosaur Hunter

Dinosaur Hunter is a light and fun game where you hunt dinosaurs, light game, small size and entertaining. (Game size: )) Download the game )

8 – لعبة Crazy Racing Cars

9 – Alex Gordon’s Game

Alex Gordon is a beautiful, small-sized, fun and highly entertaining adventure game in which Alex, a brave cat, is on a mission to save his sister from the evil monkey. (Game size: 31 MB) Download the game )

10 – لعبة Farm Frenzy 3

Farm Frenzy 3 where you are a farmer, and you must You have to feed and increase the farm animals with food and drink and what they need in order to be able to reap their production of eggs, milk and others. One of the most popular games. ( Download the game )

11 – لعبة Road Attack

Road Attack is one of the most beautiful and famous light racing games. It is a car racing game, but it is fun and beautiful, and despite its small size, it is fun and entertaining. ( Download the game )

12 – Liquid Extreme Racers

Extreme Racers is a very fun mini car racing game, choose your car now and start racing, you need speed. (Game size: 39 MB) Download the game )

13 – لعبة Fishdom Harvest Splash

لعبة Fishdom Harvest Splash It is one of the famous games, it is the famous and well known fish game. (game size is 75MB) ( Download the game )

14 – لعبة Dragon Bubbles

لعبة Dragon Bubbles It is a game very similar to Zuma, where you hit the balls until you collect three balls of the same color. (The game size is 16 MB) Download the game )

15 – لعبة Alien Wars

لعبة Alien Wars It is a beautiful fighting aliens game, and it is one of the wonderful small-sized action games. (The size of the game is 7 megabytes) Download the game )

16 – Real Racing

لعبة Real Racing One of the very beautiful car racing games, the game is three-dimensional and small in size. (The game size is 23 MB) Download the game )

17 – Air Assault

Pool 8 Ball Frenzy is a cool and compact pool game. (The game size is 13 megabytes) Download the game )

23 – Free Billiards 2008

لعبة Free Billiards 2008 It is another wonderful and beautiful pool game, but it is rather old. (The size of the game is 12 megabytes) Download the game )

24 – Mayan Maze

لعبة Mayan Maze It is a game similar to Zuma where you hit balls next to similar balls to explode them. Small and entertaining game. (The size of the game is 17 MB) Download the game )

25 – لعبة Police Supercars Racing

لعبة Police Supercars Racing It is one of the best car racing games. (The size of the game is 52 MB) Download the game )

26 – Superbike Racers

لعبة Superbike Racers Very cool, beautiful and fun motorbike racing game. (The size of the game is 40 MB) Download the game )

27 – Grand Master Chess 3

لعبة Grand Master Chess 3 It is a wonderful and compact chess game. (The game size is 16 MB) Download the game )

28 – Volleyball

لعبة Volleyball Fun volleyball, a great and very entertaining game where you jump the ball and prevent it from reaching your land. (The size of the game is 9 megabytes) Download the game )

29 – لعبة Crazy Birds

لعبة Crazy Birds It is a fun and entertaining game. (The game size is 11 megabytes) Download the game )

30 – لعبة Bigfoot 4×4 Challenge

لعبة Bigfoot 4×4 Challenge It is a huge and awesome car racing game. (The game size is 20 MB) Download the game )

31 – Lub Street Fighter 3

لعبة Street Fighter 3 is great fighting and street fighting is ruthless, also it is small in size (The size of the game is 8 megabytes) Download the game )

32 – Lamentations Chicken Invaders

لعبة Chicken Invaders It is a very popular and entertaining chicken shooting game. (The size of the game is 3 megabytes) Download the game )

33 – Lub Super Mario 3

لعبة Super Mario 3 It is one of the games that cannot become outdated, start with all its versions, and this version is similar to the old original version. (The game size is 18 MB) Download the game )

34 – The Lame Captain Binary

لعبة Captain Binary It is a very entertaining game and it is one of the famous adventure games. (The size of the game is 42 MB) Download the game )

35 – Game Incredi Basketball

Incredi Basketball is a great basketball game. If he keeps the ball and scores points to win the match. ( The game size is 151 MB. Download the game )

36 – 3D Sniper Game

3D shooting game 3D Sniper , where you are a fighter and you must aim accurately to win and eliminate the enemies. (The size of the game is 4 megabytes) Download the game )

37 – Game Racers vs Police

لعبة Racers vs Police It is a car racing game, but this time it is different. You can join a street race or join the police to keep the law. (The game size is 63 MB) Download the game )

38 – Liquid Zoodomino

لعبة Zoodomino Entertaining and wonderful. ( Download the game )

39 – Game Astro Avenger 2

لعبة Astro Avenger 2 Imagine that you are in a world full of danger and strangers attacking your spaceship. ( Download the game )

40 – Bowling PC

لعبة Bowling Pc Great bowling, adjust the aim and throw the ball to hit. (The size of the game is 9 megabytes) Download the game )

41 – Bmx Adventures . Game

لعبة Bmx Adventures It is a bike game, where you will play against the computer and you have to break the record for the computer. (The size of the game is 2 megabytes) Download the game )

42 – Ultimate Tank

لعبة Ultimate Tank Aiming and tanks. (The game size is 11 megabytes) Download the game )

43 – Sky Battle

لعبة Sky Battle Shoot and fly in the sky with your plane. (The size of the game is 27 MB) Download the game )

44 – Lake Coast Bike

لعبة Coast Bike It is a great motorcycle game. (The size of the game is 12 megabytes) Download the game )

45 – Tikibar

لعبة Tikibar It is a time management and fast food preparation game, an entertaining and enjoyable game. (The size of the game is 65 MB) Download the game )

46 – Helic . Game

لعبة Helic It is the wonderful helicopter game, where you take a wonderful adventure in the sky. (The size of the game is 69 MB) Download the game )

47 – Deadly Race

لعبة Deadly Race Where deadly racing, shooting, fun and awesomeness. (The size of the game is 44 MB) Download the game )

48 – Star Star Defender 4

لعبة Star Defender 4 It is a great shooting game. (The game size is 13 megabytes) Download the game )

49 – The Bee Garden

لعبة Bee Garden It is a great free time management game. (The size of the game is 59 MB) Download the game )

50 – Alien Hallway

Alien Hallway is a great action game. (The size of the game is 48 MB) Download the game )

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Certainly the games above are wonderful and easy to download at any internet speed because of the small size and also that they are with direct links, and the group above will not be the last, God willing, as we will review more games during the coming period, and they will be wonderful and entertaining games, God willing, and we will take into account the review of small and large-sized games So that everyone can download what they want. I hope the topic will be useful and interesting, thank you.


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