Download the best and fastest keyboard for iPhone and iPad iOS

With the developments provided by Apple to iPhone and iPad users with the iOS 10 update, it opened the door wide for application developers to add new applications and keyboards suitable for users who love speed and customization, and the Apple App Store has seen many distinctive keyboards and the store will certainly witness more developments and new keyboards with Various and wonderful features.
The best and fastest keyboard for iPhone and iPad iOS

The Word Flow keyboard was developed by Microsoft, which allows iPhone users to type using one hand on large-screen phones in a very smart way by making the keyboard curved to become within the reach of the thumb.

This keyboard allows the user to change themes, and put his own picture on the keyboard, in addition to the quick typing feature that enables you to move your fingers quickly on the letters and its advantages.

The best and fastest keyboard for iPhone and iPad iOS

Download the Word Flow app:

Word Flow is the fastest keyboard application, available for free on the Apple Store and supports the English language, hoping to add Arabic and other languages ​​soon. You can install the application directly via the following link:

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