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Who will win the million is a free Android application that represents a realistic simulation of the famous TV program presented by the journalist George Kordahi, where you are allowed to participate in the competition and answer the increasingly difficult questions on your way to winning the million Saudi riyals, and the application contains a huge number of endless questions and the questions are updated regularly My turn, so no matter how many times you play, you will not find repeated questions every time you come back to play again.

Application features:
– Two ways to play: play regularly and play fast.
– Graduation in the difficulty of the questions.
– Adding a fourth aid, which is changing the question after the tenth question.
– Using sounds in a way to help contact a friend.
– Use sounds and instructions in all stages of the game when playing in a regular way.
– Possibility to withdraw and keep the balance.
– The possibility of reviewing all the questions and answers of the last game and reading additional information and details related to the question (to read the additional information, you must have an internet connection)
– View the check bearing your name and the amount collected.
– The ability to record balances, refer to them and view checks at any time.
– Control the game with voice commands

To control the sound in the game:
You must first have an internet connection
Then choose Arabic as the language for voice search as follows:
Press the menu button
Click on Settings
Choose language and input
Choose Voice Search
Click on the language option
Then choose Arabic

To control the game with your voice, use the following sentences after you press the voice control button:

To delete two answers say: delete two answers or say: delete two answers

To call a friend say: call a friend or say: call a friend
To get the opinion of the audience, say: Help the audience, or say: Ask the audience
To change the question say: change the question or say: switch the question
To choose the answer a say: the first answer or say: the answer is a or just say the name of the letter: a
To choose answer B say: Answer two or say: Answer B or just say the name of the letter: B
To choose the answer C say: the third answer or say: the answer C or just say the name of the letter: Jim
To choose the answer D say: the fourth answer or say: the answer is D Or just say the name of the letter: D
To quit the game say: quit or say: quit

You can activate the automatic listening feature for your answer with your voice from the settings:

Go to settings and then press the voice control and enter the number of seconds after which the game will hear your answer.

What’s new in this version 4.0:
– Added more than 400 new questions
– Game performance improvements
– Improved game control with voice commands, now the game responds to your voice commands when you set the voice search language to French and English
– Now the game enables you to answer the question after changing it and the correct answer appears
– Add a game widget that you can place on the home screen of your phone. The questions and answers of the latest game appear. It enables you to directly access additional information about the question when pressing the details button. It enables you to open the game to play when you click on the program logo.

Download Who Will Win the Million 2014 Android App for Free Millionaire 4.0
Download Who Will Win the Million 2014 Android App for Free Millionaire 4.0

Compatible with: Android 2.2 and above

Size: 2.6MB
Version: 2.3
License: Free
Download directly asAPK

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