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Download the adventure game Inspector Waffles v1.0.2.5 for PC – GOG إصدار version – kzaplay

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 Inspector Waffles will have a detective story reminiscent of the old classics.There are strange puzzles in the game and we will have a story full of tricks and plots in the game.There are many characters to question and you can try them all in a very beautiful pixel space.In this game, we will have the intricacies of a chain of police in which you must be able to find the killer with any clue.You should check the clues and pay attention to the narration and story of the game.You are a professional trader and you can search and search for different types.There is nice music in the game.

Inspector Waffles takes you to a world full of jokes and you can seriously search for the killer.There are some interesting stories about the characters of cats and dogs that will make the story even more interesting.The entire game is based on the character of Inspector Waffles, and as he is going through his worst days, the murder of the CEO of the industry has caused a lot of questions in people’s minds.Many concerns have been raised about the murder, and it is not yet clear who the next victim will be.You need to put on your coat and prepare for a very sensitive search.

Waffles Inspector v1.0.2.5 PC-GOG

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The police story of Inspector Waffles is going slowly and you are the one who must leave your painful memories behind in the rainy days and be able to turn it all on.The worst days are now gone and this is a new assignment in the spotlight.The main character of the game has a special character and he will face many problems in this mission.You have to recognize his fears and not let him down.In such a situation, you can develop the game well.

Game video


It’s hard to get the memory of this issue out of my head… I can’t even think of what my old partner went through without having a bad taste in my mouth.I guess that’s why I’m sitting here drinking another glass of cold, solid milk.

Inspector Waffles had hoped his worst days would be behind him, but the murder of a high-ranking industrial CEO beloved by the citizens of Cat Town raises new questions and concerns.Being the best inspector in the CTPD, Waffles has no choice: he must move past painful memories, put on his well-worn coat, and prepare to warm his feet.

Required order

Minimum System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7

Processor: Intel or AMD CPU

Graphics: DirectX compatible card

DirectX: version 9.0

Storage: 500MB available space

Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card

Recommended system:

Operating system: Windows 7 or above

Processor: Intel or AMD CPU

Graphics: DirectX compatible card

Storage: 500MB available space

Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card

Installation guide

1) Extract the WinRar zip file and install the game.

2) The game is free of DRM and you do not need to jailbreak it.

File information
  • File size: 533MB
  • Release date: MAR-23-2021
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