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Computer programs

Download SmartPixel to take screenshots of the screen Smartpixel – kzaplay

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Download SmartPixel to record a video from the screen
It is considered a programSmartpixel One of the best programs for recording videos and taking pictures from the computer screen, you can edit the videos that are captured through the screen, you can add a lot of effects to the images to become more wonderful, you can easily record videos of your games and share them with your friends through various social networking sites, the images taken are characterized by By the program with purity and high quality up to1080pThe program helps you create educational videos or explain how modern programs work and record conferences via the Internet and others, the program is easy to use and simple and you can download and install it easily, the program can record 3D videos, the program is compatible with all computer games, the program helps you to take pictures through a camera Web, given the importance of the program, it works on Windows operating systems in addition to the Android system for smart mobiles.

Smartpixel software is easy to use and combinesIt has many advantages, including taking pictures from the screen, whether it is a game, program, video, recording with a webcam, making backgrounds, editing video and dubbing, adding musical effects to the video, and supports editing and recording high-quality video films. It is a small program that does not consume processor resources and the ability to add translation for files Video with the ability to record video and edit it easily.

smartpixel 2016

Information about the release of Smartpixel for PC
Software version: Smartpixel 4.0
Release date: September 2015
Program size: 28.5 MB
Program language: Supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows XP  -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software license: Trial
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Download Smart Pixel for PC
DownloadSmartpixel2016 to take screenshots from here

Computer programs, Smartpixel program for computer, Free Smartpixel program


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