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Download Slimjet 32 ​​Fast Internet Browser for PC – kzaplay

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Download SlimJet Browser to open all websites, latest version
The slimjet internet browser is fast in opening various websites and web pages, as it relies on high technology to download web pages in a fast way, which is supported by the distinguished Blink engine of Google, and is very similar to the Google Chrome browser in its design, as it has a simple user interface, easy to deal with, fast response and is safe Completely protect privacy while browsing the Internet and conducting financial and banking transactions using a firewall and complete protection from viruses, malicious and malicious software. one button.

The browser supports downloading video files from websites on the computer at high speed, the ability to extract mp3 audio files from videos through the settings in the browser, the ability to translate web pages into different languages, and upload images and reduce their size automatically to reduce the time to download images and the ability to view images before downloading them. The browser supports full integration with Communication sites Twitter, Google Plus, Blogger, Hotmail and Gmail, giving accurate data about the weather and forecasts for a whole week, and easy search within the browser using the auto-fill feature for words, easy saving passwords, logging in to websites and your e-mail, and supporting taking pictures and snapshots of the browser screen and saving them as an image on Your device and the ability to watch videos, files and flash games on the Internet.


One of the most prominent features of the browserSlimjet: 

Safe browsing of websites without infection with viruses, worms or malware.
– Support to work on different Windows systems, light and does not consume processor resources and random memory.
Encrypting login data and passwords for your websites and e-mail.
– Simultaneous translation of texts or complete web pages for many languages ​​and the possibility of erasing all traces of surfing the Internet.
– View photos, make adjustments, and decorate them with tires using a tool living room photo With the browser and the ability to upload images to social networking sites and the Internet to share them with friends easily.

Information about Slimjet 2021 
Version: Slimjet  

Last update: November 2021

Program size: 49.1 MB
Program language: Supports many languages ​​and Arabic
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Software license: Free
Category :Internet browser programs, computer programs 2021

download internet browserSlimjetFor PC direct download from here:-

نسخة 32 بيت                                                نسخة 64 بيت


Slimjet clinic for safe browsing of the Internet, download Slimjet Browser 2021 for PC


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