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Download Recompile for PC with a direct link – kzaplay

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Download Recompile for PC with a direct link

Download Recompile
Direct download

Recompile has launched a large-scale and advanced adventure in the MetroDvania space, and with its non-linear gameplay, it can create a new experience for you.There are many interesting secrets in the game and you must be able to navigate this ancient world through exploration.You can search throughout the game system and create an interesting narrative in the game world.You are given a wide range of abilities and you can try out multiple endings based on your performance.You can repair in-game systems and recover lost data.

in a gameRecompileYou can quickly hack your enemies and lead them to destruction. Your main objective in the game is to uncover the information that is in the hands of the central device and its inhabitants can be hostile in nature. There are many features in the game and we can mention closed doors, force fields and complex systems. The game does not have an encrypted system and everything is running smoothly. We see portals in the game that contain interesting puzzles for you that you can handle in peace.

contain gameRecompileA story that will give you a sense of being in a robotic world and you must explore the nature of everything. Artificial intelligence is present in the game in various forms and leads the world to death. All facilities are at your disposal and you can try to survive.

Download Recompile

Game video


Witness the birth of intelligent AI in this sprawling hacking adventure.Combine the progress of Metroidvania with non-linear exploration and gameplay.Reassemble challenges for players to explore, fight, hack and survive.Discover the many secrets beneath the ancient digital landscape and prepare for a system-wide reconfiguration.

Required order

Minimum System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7+

Processor: 3 GHz

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti 2GB |AMD Radeon R7265

Installation guide

1) Make sure your antivirus is completely disabled.

2) Extract the files compressed by WinRar and run the ISO file obtained after extraction by Daemon Tools as a Mount.

3) Install the game.

4) Replace the files in the CODEX folder in the game installation location.

5) Enjoy playing it.

File information
  • File size: 1.3 GB
  • Release date: August 19-2021
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