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Download Pale Moon Browser Latest Version for PC – kzaplay

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Pal Moon Browser is fast in browsing websites and web pages
Pal Moon Browser is one of the most powerful Internet browsers used for ease of dealing with websites, navigating within pages easily, and displaying the contents of electronic pages in distinct fonts for easy reading of the content of the pages, as it is able to browse and open all sports, cultural, news and other websites with the availability of alerts to display the latest news and comments on the surface The office and open web pages easily and at high speed and support the playback of videos, files and multimedia on various websites and in high-resolution quality. Alerts about the presence of malicious content and a malicious file for websites infected with viruses to protect the device from worms, viruses and malware.

Through the browser, you can open many diverse web pages and ease of movement between them, support erasing the traces of Internet browsing by selecting them for a certain period or throughout the day or all the time, support saving your important pages and your distinct sites for easy opening again with a single click, and support saving passwords and login names for Internet sites Including Facebook, e-mail, and your accounts easily, as it is considered a strong competitor to giant Internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and other famous Internet browsers with the availability of control over the display of sites, preventing children from browsing certain sites and blocking violent and harmful content for the child.

Among the most prominent features of Pale Moon Browser, and its gaining popularity among Internet surfers, is the following:
1. A simple and distinct interface for easy opening of many web pages and navigating between them.
2. Safe handling of e-marketing sites without fear of theft of the financial data of your electronic payment cards.
3. Protect the device from the effects of harmful websites infected with viruses, malicious and harmful software.
4. Simple and does not consume processor and system resources, easy to use and safe.Perfect for children to easily browse certain websites and block harmful sites and scenes for the child.

Information about our versionMgPale moon for PC
Software version:Pale Moon 29.0.1
Release Date :February2021
Developer: Moonchild
Program size: 33.6 MB
Program language: Supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows 10  -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software license: Free
Categories: Computer Software, Internet Browser Software, Computer Software 2021
Download Pale moon browser2021For the computer, the latest version is here.

                Copy32Bit                                                   Ù†Ø³Ø®Ø© 64Bit                          
Download the new Pale Moon browser for your computer to browse websites at high speed


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