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Download Movavi Photo Studio to edit photos – kzaplay

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Movavi Photo Studio is a professional photo editing and editing software
Movavi Photo Studio is one of the best photo editing and editing programs, and it is produced by the giant company Movavi, which is famous for producing design programs. Wonderful, the program is easy to use, with one click you can improve image quality, correct colors and adjust brightness and lighting, you can compress images that take up a large space while maintaining the quality of images to save storage space on your computer and easily send them to your friends via social networking sites, you can remove defects in images such as Red eyes and others, you can edit photos professionally and use them in creating presentations, the program has a distinctive interface that suits both beginners and professionals, the program provides a lot of visual and light effects to adjust saturation, degree of lighting and clarity, you can rotate images at the angles you want easily, you can write on images with control In font size and color, you can cut out specific parts of images and keep them on your computer in different formats You can change the background or add colors and graphics to it, you can improve the quality of images manually or automatically.
Movavi Photo Studio
Information about Movavi Photo Studio for PC
Software version: Movavi Photo Studio 1.0.3
Release year: September 2016
Developer: Movavi LTD
Program size: 110 Megabyte
Program language: Supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows XP  -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software license: demo
Category : Computer programsComputer Software 2017

Download Movavi Photo Studio for free for PC


Movavi Photo Studio is a professional photo editing and editing software


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