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Download JRiver Media Center 2020 – kzaplay

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Download J River Media Center to play videos and view photos
JRiver Media Center is the most comprehensive and smooth program for managing and running your multimedia, as it supports all forms of audio, video, and images. The program connects your computer to TV, remote controls, digital cameras, scanners and portable MP3 players. It plays all media from audio, images and video. The program relies on the fastest and most powerful media database available. Graver Media Center supports more mobile phones. Like iPhone, iPad, Android phones, etc., the program’s interface is simple and designed to make it easier to organize, find and play your digital files and connect devices.

The program supports many filters and filters that cause the purity and clarity of the audio files, the program displays the 3D album with adjusting the text size to display more audio clips when necessary, the program allows you to enlarge or reduce the image as it can be rotated, deleted or edited and much more, the program provides many One of the elegant frames for pictures, which makes them more attractive, and it is a special program in playing audio and video and displaying high-resolution images on the device.

Among the most prominent features of JRiver Media Center 2018:
1. The ability to create a playlist of audio files consecutively.
2. Support for copying audio, photo and video files from CDs and DVDs.
3. Playing 3D sound effects when playing music and songs.
4. Recording of television interviews and their presentation thereafter.
5. Play all kinds of audio, video and images in high quality.
6. View images for PowerPoint presentations.

JRiver Media Center

About J. River Media Center for PC
Software version: JRiver Media Center 28.0.73
Release year: October 2021
المطور : J. River 
Program size: 38.0 MB
Program language: Supports many languages ​​and Arabic
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Software license: Trial
Program category: video and multimedia programs, computer programs

Download the multimedia player programJ. River Media CenterFor the computer – from here:-

JRiver Media Center helps you play video and audio in high quality


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