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Download IrfanView, a program for editing and viewing images – kzaplay

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IrfanView is one of the best image editing, optimization and manipulation programs. The program is easy to use, simple and completely free of viruses. The program is suitable for both beginners and professionals in image processing. The program contains the necessary tools to turn your photos into wonderful paintings. The program supports many international languages, you can draw Some geometric shapes on images such as straight lines, circles, and others to draw attention to the important scenes within the images, you can get rid of defects in the images such as red eyes and black spots, you can rotate the images, resize and edit them, and add effects to them.

The program interface contains many tools that help you extract wonderful artistic images, the program supports multi-layered images, the program provides many visual and light effects, which facilitates the adjustment of colors, brightness, saturation and getting rid of defects in the images, you can save the images after modification on the computer or burn them to CDs, the program helps you in processing images and cutting unwanted scenes, you can control the enlargement and reduction of images and take backup copies and keep them on the computer, the program gives all the information related to the image below.

The program allows you to write and comment on images with control of the size and color of the font, you can preview images before and after inserting visual effects and modifying them, the program allows modification in a group of images at once and with one click, which saves a lot of time and effort, you can know all the detailed information about the images Such as the name of the image, the name of the file in which the image is located, the size, the date the image was taken, and others by pressing the image properties button.

IrfanView program

Program informationIrfanView
Developed by: Irfan Skiljan
License: Free
Version: IrfanView 4.56
Size: 2.29MB
Last update of the program: October2020
Compatibility: The program is compatible with all versions of Windows
Language: Multilingual
Categories: computer software, computer software 2020,

Download photo viewer softwareIrfanView – 2MB

IrfanView is a professional photo viewing and editing software


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