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SmartDefrag is a free program that defragments the hard disk and speeds up the system completely using the disk defragmentation tool. The program relies on the “Boot Time Disk Defrag” feature, which improves the performance of the hard disk and overcomes Slow and unstable PC performance problems, the program not only provides the defragmentation process, but also improves the speed of the hard disk and the entire system to get the best performance and is one of the best hardware optimization and acceleration programs.

IObit Smart Defrag

SmartDefrag has the advantage of legal access to data and files inside the hard disk and enjoy your time while playing games on the device at high speed and without cutting, providing fast performance and the possibility to increase the speed of copying files and working on the use of modern algorithms for easy organization of files on Windows 10 with the availability of the feature of monitoring the status of the hard disk and hard disk While playing audio or video files or playing on the device, it has support for many languages ​​and ease of use through a simple and pleasant user interface for easy use of the multiple tools within the program and the possibility of making a general maintenance schedule for the device.

Among the most prominent features of IObit Smart Defrag:
1. Improving and regulating the performance of the device and the hard disk, and speeding up the system in an orderly and efficient manner.
2. Defragment the hard disk and perform full device maintenance.
3. Overcoming system problems and speeding up performance while running various games and software.

Program version informationSmart Defrag 2019
Software version: IObit Smart Defrag 6.2.5 Build 129
Release date: May 2019
Program size: 15.1 MB
Program language: Supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows 8.1  – Windows7– Windows8 – Windows 10
Software license: Free
Categories: System Tools Software, Device Cleaning Software, Computer Software 2019,

DownloadSmart Defrag latest version for PC from here

IObit SmartDefrag is a program that specializes in improving system performance and defragmenting hard disks


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