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Download Imo Messenger for PC and Android Imo Messenger – kzaplay

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Download imo for free video calls for PC

Imo is one of the best audio and video social networking applications that allows you to communicate with friends and family all over the world where you can make high-quality voice calls as well as make video calls with very high image purity without causing any difference or interference in sounds for free and without additional cost. Imo is admired by millions of its users due to the many advantages of the program, as it is a strong competitor to social networking programs such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Wechat and other social networking programs even when the Internet is weak. The program supports chatting between friends and good communication, exchanging, sending and receiving files, photos and posters Distinguished and speedy in sending files with the availability of Android emulator software and games on your computer.


The IMO program supports sending group messages to a number of contacts in the program, exchanging files and images at high speed, conducting group chats and work groups, making video conferencing to exchange views on problems and issues related to work, and making group video calls with family and friends at work with high quality and accuracy, and it is a free program also available for Android phones The program has a simple and distinctive user interface and the ease of inviting friends and contacts to subscribe to the program and enjoy the many features, including:

1. Make video conference calls with family, friends or co-workers in high quality by compressing the video on the computer and personal phone, provided that a good internet connection is available.
2. Chat, voice calls, and send files at high speed, as well as stickers, themes and emoticons while chatting.
3. Complete security, as the program encrypts the chats and calls that you make to maintain privacy.
4. Ease of setting up the account for the program using your mobile phone account or creating a new account as well, and the ease of linking and running the program through the Google Chrome browser, which is one of the most important and best chat programs and free video and voice calls.

Information about the release of imo 2019 for PC and Android
Software version: Imo Messenger 1.2.60
Release date: March 2019
Developed by: PageBites, Inc
Program size: 11.4 MB
Software license: Free
Categories: chat and messenger programs, computer programs, computer programs 2019

Download imo chat and callsimo 2019 new computer Ù…Ù† هنا 

Download imo chat and callsimo 2019 for android Ù…Ù† هنا 

Imo is the best chatting, video and audio calling software


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