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Download Foxit Reader 2021 to run and open PDF files – kzaplay

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Download Foxit Reader to play PDF files on PC
Foxit Reader is one of the best programs to run and read PDF files on the computer and open files with all possible speed, and it is a strong competitor to Adobe Reader, the program through which you can open all PDF files on the computer and browse the contents of files and documents in an easy way Distinctive, it contains tools that enable you to deal accurately with PDF files, configure files for printing, enlarge files or a group of files, and adjust the display screen of the open file. The program also offers the possibility of copying and cutting parts of the files displayed in the program, and Foxit Reader supports many languages, including English, Arabic and French, and you can convert PDF files into simple text files, and you can open more than one file at one time and move between them quickly and easily, and through the program you can get parts of the file displayed and adding appropriate notes and comments to the files. Foxit Reader displays the PDF files in the original format of the file without interfering or modifying the way the files are displayed with the ability to adjust the display style and adjust the displayed size, whether by enlarging Or minimize the open document, and the program is characterized by the speed of running files and that the program does not consume a lot of system resources, and work on all versions of Windows.

Foxit Reader

What’s new in the latest version of the program

1- Improve security settings and maintain privacy
2- Addressing the problem of not opening PDF files with Internet Explorer
3-Modify the search options within the PDF documents.
4- Integration and work with Google Drive and Google One.
5- Optimizing the Foxit brand and supporting work with Microsoft Office.
6- Knowing the number of file words and logging in to the encrypted file.
7- Support for renaming the PDF file while modifying it.
Program version informationFoxit Reader
Software version: Foxit Reader 11.0.1 Build 49938
Release date: July2021
Developed by: Foxit Software
Program size: 70.5 Megabyte
Program language: Supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows XP  -Windows 10- Windows7- Windows8
Software License: Non-Commercial Freeware
Categories: PDF Opening and Playing Program, Computer Programs 2021

Download Foxit Reader 2021– from here for free :-

Foxit Reader is an excellent program for playing PDF files on the computer


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