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Download Foxit Reader 2020 . to edit PDF files – kzaplay

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Download Foxit Reader to create PDF files
a program Foxit Reader Opens, displays and edits files BDF Easily, the program helps you create PDF files in addition to the possibility of converting Microsoft Office files such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint into files PDF The program allows you to insert files, images and videos into pagesBDFThe interface of the program is simple and provides all the necessary tools to use it, allowing users to learn it quickly. The program supports the touch screen, which facilitates the use of the program on all touch devices.

You can by installing a program Foxit Reader On the computer, open all the PDF files that you receive via e-mail and all the documents on the computer, in addition to printing the pages from a fileBDFOr print the whole file, the program includes a powerful search engine that helps you search for words or sentences within a fileBDFAt high speed, you can fill out forms and forms with formatsBDFAnd send them over the Internet easily, the program helps you to open and save filesBDFFrom various websites such as OneDrive، google drive، Dropbox، Facebook.

The program provides many commenting tools that help you write your comments on documents in a clear font while providing a lot of geometric shapes such as squares, circles and arrows that make reactions more effective, the program manages comments by quickly displaying all comments on your document, you can add logo Your own to put on the pages of a fileBDFIn addition to providing a lot of stamps that you can use within the program, you can sign documentsBDFYou can also keep your signature on the computer to put it directly on filesBDF.
Foxit Reader
Among the most prominent features of the program:
1. Open, edit and create filesBDF.
2. Write comments on the PDF pages.
3. Search for words and sentences easily.
4. Add logo and signatures on pagesPDF.
5. Convert Excel and Word files toBDF.
6. Fill out the forms in PDF format.
7. Open filesPDFdirectly from the websites. 

Program version informationFoxit Reader
Software version: Foxit Reader 11.0.1 Build 49938
Release date: July 2021
Developed by: Foxit Software
Program size:70.5 Megabyte
Program language: Supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows XP  – Vista- 8- 10
Software License: Non-Commercial Freeware
Categories: PDF opening and playing software, computer programs 2019

Download Foxit Reader 2021– from here for free :-

Foxit Reader Arabic – Download Foxit Reader latest version for PC


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