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Download FastStone Photo Resizer for PC – kzaplay

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Download FastStone Photo Resizer to reduce image size for PC
FastStone Photo Resizer is one of the outstanding tools and one of the best solutions to reduce the size and resize of your digital photos, ease of editing on photos, writing and adding texts and watermarks on photos, and easy to control the brightness and transparency of the watermark to preserve the rights and ownership of the photos and publish them on websites or in forums And changing the colors in the pictures, and the ease of saving them on the computer and sharing them with friends through social networking sites. The program allows to rotate and add the different beautiful frames and frames supported by the program and maintain the same image quality.

The FastStone Photo Resizer program has many distinguished tools to reduce the size of the image or a group of images at once with high quality and accuracy, support for dragging and dropping images into the program using the mouse, introducing special effects on images, using tools to cut the different and inconspicuous parts of the images, and full control of the intensity of the brightness The image and the degree of color contrast to make images professional and characterized by a simple and easy-to-handle interface for beginners and professionals alike, the ability to convert between famous image formats at high speed, including TIFF, GIF, JPEG, BMP and other image formats, the ability to convert a number of images at once, as well as the ease of renaming images Again and save it on the device with the new name and ease of work on all versions and different Windows systems.


Among the most prominent features of the computer program:
1. Convert the formats and formats of a group of images in one go.
2. Rename photos, add texts, watermarks, and color effects to photos
3. Change the size of the images and cut parts of the images to reduce their size and ease of sharing over the Internet.

The program is constantly updated and the problems resulting from the program’s failure for damaged images have been fixed and the necessary improvements have been added to speed up image conversion and reduce their size. It is a light program that does not consume processor and system resources and is fast in the process of editing and modifying images.

Program version informationFastStone Photo Resizer 2019
Software version: FastStone Photo Resizer 4.2
Release year: May 2019
Developed by: FastStone Soft
Program size: 1.75 MB
Program language: Supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
 Windows 8 Windows 10- Windows 8.1- Windows XP
Software license: Free
Category : Image editing software , Computer programs
Download 2019FastStone Photo Resizer for PC from here:-

FastStone Photo Resizer – Reducing Image Size


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